We're building the future of care at home. Meet the Lifted Team.


We’re care pros, tech gurus, and customer whizzes. We’re united by our passion for making care work better for families and their loved ones.

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Hi I’m Rachael

I’m the co-founder and CEO of Lifted.

When my mum was diagnosed with dementia aged 56, I had to find care, but I had no idea where to start, Everything was so confusing and unreliable, and I hated that I didn’t know what was happening at home when I wasn’t there. I knew she deserved better, so I quit my job as a consultant with McKinsey & Company and joined Lifted.

I’m proud to lead a team that is using the power of technology to make life better for families like mine. I can’t wait for other families to experience it too. We’re always looking for great people to join team Lifted or organisations to partner with. We’d love to hear from so get in touch.

  • Sam Cohen

    Sam Cohen

    Chief Operations Officer and Co-founder

    Sam is responsible for all the Operations at Lifted. He oversees the Care Team and the day to day running of the business. Sam was previously Operations Director at the online property company Yopa. He holds a BSc from the London School of Economics. Sam was inspired by his experience arranging care for his grandma over many years and, when he met Rachael, Lifted was born.

  • Pedro Valentim

    Pedro Valentim

    Lead Developer

    Pedro leads the Lifted tech team. He has over ten years experience developing innovative programmes and applications.

  • Haezell South

    Haezell South

    Care Manager

    Haezell is responsible for ensuring Lifted delivers exceptional care and supporting our amazing carers. She has over 14 years experience in the care sector.

  • Yolanda Ewerhart

    Yolanda Ewerhart

    Product Manager

    Yo leads the work on Our Care Management Platform. She has 5+ years experience in product development.

  • Ted Sterchi

    Ted Sterchi

    Lead Designer

    Ted leads the design output at Lifted. With over ten years in interactive design, he's passionate about crafting delightful digital experiences.

  • Joy Ogbonna

    Joy Ogbonna

    Deputy Care Manager

    Joy works with customers to design care plans that fit their needs. She is passionate about making care easier for families.

  • Toby Arup

    Toby Arup

    Customer Success Analyst

    Toby is responsible for making sure that clients have a great experience with Lifted. He draws on his personal experience as a young carer to help families like his.

  • Sheerlin Vuong

    Sheerlin Vuong

    Junior Developer

    Sheerlin supports the development of our Care Management Platform. She also built this website! She hopes you like it.

  • Naaz Ghassemi

    Naaz Ghassemi

    QA & Compliance Officer

    Naaz works with Haezell to ensure we are delivering exceptional quality of care. Naaz has a lifelong passion for care learning from her mother's experience as a nurse, and has over 8 years providing and managing care at home.

  • Adam Hoar

    Adam Hoar

    Operations Analyst

    Adam works with Sam to ensure life at Lifted runs smoothly with everyone in the right place at the right time. Adam brings 5 years of experience in financial services to the role. He was inspired to join Lifted after his father was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

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Our Carers

We only accept the best Carers. If we wouldn't them to look after our loved ones then they don't make the cut. We equip them with innovative technology so they can focus on delivering amazing care.

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Give us a call or fill in the form to find out how we can help. All our Customer Success Team have personal experience caring for loved ones and can answer all your questions. 0204 516 6004

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