What is
Live in care?

What is Live in home care?

Deciding on the best care for yourself or your loved one can be a difficult and stressful process. Comparing the many options available to you and selecting the one that fits your needs and lifestyle can be a tricky task. At Lifted Care, we are here to help you make the best decision for your unique circumstances. 

If moving yourself or a loved one away from home to a care facility causes you discomfort, live in care can provide the perfect solution for you and your family.

Put simply, live-in care is support provided in your own home by a carer who lives with you. It is a great choice for those who want to stay in their own homes, live a more independent life or feel that a care home isn’t the right fit for them. 

Having a qualified and experienced carer living in your home gives you freedom and flexibility. With domiciliary care, support is provided several times a day, usually within set time frames. Live-in care can provide round the clock support for your loved one in the comfort of their own home. 

How does Live in care work?

It’s vital to get off on the right foot when it comes to live-in care: negative experiences at the outset can have long-term consequences, especially if your loved one is older or is not quite accustomed to their loss of independence.

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Personal care
Knowing that the personal care requirements of yourself or a loved one are taken care of can be a heavy weight off your mind. Your dedicated carer can provide support with bathing, dressing, going to the bathroom and plenty more.

Domestic tasks
Your live-in carer will perform chores such as food shopping, meal preparation and housework to keep the home clean and in order. Nutritious meals will be cooked for you or your loved one to ensure they receive a balanced, healthy diet. 

If you or your loved one has pets, our carers will be able to assist with feeding, grooming and walking so you can continue to enjoy companionship of your furry friend.

What are the benefits of Live in care?

Staying in your home

Needing extra care doesn’t mean you have to move out of your home. Live-in care provides the perfect compromise between staying in your own home and addressing your increasing health care needs.

Day-to-day tasks

Your experienced carer can also help with day-to-day tasks you might find difficult to complete. Answering the door or phone, collecting the post and arranging appointments are just some of the tasks your carer can help with.

Round the clock care

Having a live-in carer means you will have the peace of mind that support is on hand day or night. Going beyond basic care, our carers offer companionship for your loved one as they get older and provide the reassurance that someone will always be there to help.

Peace of mind

Balancing a busy work or family life with the needs of loved ones can be a source of great stress. Knowing your loved one is in safe hands with one of our carers can take some of the pressure off. This improves their quality of life and yours, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved one without the worry of care needs.

Well-being benefits

Those requiring care often feel staying in their own home is a massive well-being boost. They know they will have support should they need it, with someone on hand for companionship and in case of emergency.


Maintaining independence whilst receiving care is something our clients love. Keeping your daily routine, socialising with family and friends helps keep mental health in tip top condition. You can carry on with your favourite hobbies, keep up with the gardening and feel secure in your home knowing someone is there to help with the day-to-day tasks.

Why Live in care might be the best option for you

Live-in care has many benefits, ranging from the practical to the emotional. It is also a great solution for couples who would like to live together but have different needs and requirements. Carers are there to adapt to your life and routine, and at Lifted Care we pride ourselves on finding the perfect fit for your unique situation. 

Having a carer come and live in your home can take some getting used to, but we will help you find your perfect match so they can fit into your lives seamlessly by ensuring your carer is matched to your interests, hobbies, care needs and personality. 

Live-in care provides a flexible solution to care, helping you with everyday tasks right as well as more complicated needs. Having a carer live-in gives you support, on both a practical and emotional level. Companionship in later life can be very reassuring, particularly for those who live alone.

Let us help you find the right care for you 

Here at Lifted Care, we pride ourselves on only hiring the best carers in the industry. You can receive top quality care in your own home and the reassurance of having a qualified carer on hand round the clock.

Let us help you find the right care for you

Here at Lifted Care, we pride ourselves on only hiring the best carers in the industry. You can receive top quality care in your own home and the reassurance of having a qualified carer on hand round the clock.

We have an award-winning app to keep you, your carer and your loved ones connected and updated at all times and an excellent support team to help you with all aspects of your care.

We have a stringent recruitment process for all our carers, only taking on the best and providing them with excellent and thorough training so they are prepared to provide our customers with the best at home care around.

Find your perfect carer

Now that you’ve read about the great live-in care we provide and the many benefits of having care in your own home, you can get in touch to find out how we can help you meet your care needs. All you need to get started is to answer a few questions and we will start the process to match you with one of our amazing carers.

Still have questions?

Find out more about the team behind Lifted and read about our process and how we are changing the face of home care. If you would like to speak to someone from our dedicated team, you can call us on 0204 5166004 and we will be able to answer your questions about your care requirements.

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