What is live-in care?

Live-in care means that a professional Carer stays with you or your loved one to provide 24/7 support. At Lifted, for example, we match you and your loved one with a full-trained live-in Carer so your loved one gets specialist care in the comfort of their own home.

Our live-in Carers will help with:

  • Medication and making sure this is done correctly
  • Shopping
  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Companionship
  • Washing and dressing
  • Mobility support in the home and outdoors
  • Housekeeping tasks
  • Giving you the peace of mind that comes with having a full-time live-in Carer looking after your loved one

Carers can also provide specialist support for those with medical conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, post-surgical needs, and more. Our Carers are trained to the highest level to provide support, expertise, dignity and compassion.

What does a live-in carer need for success?

Your Carer will need their own bedroom. They’ll need a safe and comfortable space to live in. The most important thing is for your Carer to be comfortable and secure so they can look after your loved one to the best of their ability.

When they move in, the Carer will look after you or your loved one in blocks of weeks or months. When they take time off, a ‘substitute’ carer can be arranged to cover for this. The carer will also have a two hour break in the day. This can take place when the client is resting, or can be covered by another carer/family. Apart from this, they will always be on-hand for support and will sleep in your loved one’s house.

What are the benefits of live-in care?

  • Your loved one stays at home, where they feel comfortable in familiar surroundings
  • Live-in care enables your loved one to remain as independent as possible. Your loved one can still meet friends, watch their favourite TV shows, and follow their routine with a good degree of autonomy.
  • One-to-one support, day and night. Live-in care provides you with the confidence of knowing your loved one is being well looked after at all times. Many people can be worried about being a burden on their friends and family, and receiving care while maintaining some independence can help to alleviate this.
  • Our live-in Carers go beyond medical needs and provide your loved one with a companion. Through alleviating loneliness, cooking nourishing meals, and aiding mobility, live-in carers can have a very positive impact on mental health.
  • Visit any time. Live-in care means family and friends can stay close, and you’re always connected through our app and daily updates.

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Is live-in care right for me or my loved one?

Not sure live-in care is right for you? Get in touch with Lifted today to have a friendly and no obligation chat about your options.

We understand that this may be the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make, which is why we made the process as simple as possible. When you get in touch, we’ll ask you some questions to understand you and your loved one’s needs.

At the next stage, our lovely Care team will then work with you to assess how a live-in Carer can help your loved one. If you decide that live-in care is right, we will take the time to find the perfect Carer for you from our fully-trained and Covid-compliant team.

Our Carers are passionate about what they do, highly trained and undergo thorough vetting and training processes. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive, and the high quality of the Care we provide.

How much does care cost?

Live-in care is an investment which means your loved one will get dedicated care in the comfort of their own home.

A few additional costs may be involved with live-in care. Because your loved one is staying at home, their property may need to be modified so that it is safe and comfortable for them. We pay our Carers a dedicated weekly food allowance, so you don’t need to worry about feeding them. We’ll work with you to arrange a suitable plan.

Find out more about the specific costs of live-in care.

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