Relish Winter Snow 35 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Stimulate conversation and improve dexterity with a beautiful jigsaw made from high-quality plastic. With uniquely shaped pieces and framed backing board, the puzzle is both durable and entertaining.



Depicting a gorgeous snowy scene, this special jigsaw puzzle has been adapted for people in the early-mid stages of dementia. A calming activity for focusing the mind and stimulating conversation as the picture takes shape.

Key Features:

  • Extra large pieces for more comfort and less confusion.
  • Framed backing board to use as a guide when getting started.
  • Made from wipe clean, durable plastic.

Jigsaws provide a very relaxing experience, and are enjoyed as a pastime by many people around the world. They’re great for people with restricted movement, creating a sense of purpose and a real feeling of accomplishment once they’re finished. However, people living with dementia often find traditional, more complex puzzles too difficult to complete, and many easier jigsaws are aimed specifically at children.

Active Minds’ jigsaws have been specifically designed for people living with dementia. The pieces are extra large to help with identifying placement. This puzzle uses only 35 pieces for people that find puzzles with more pieces too much of a challenge. They use gorgeous, age appropriate images that can be used to stimulate conversation and encourage communication. It’s a therapeutic experience for anyone feeling agitated, and an enjoyable social experience when completed with loved ones.

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  • Dimensions: 36×25 cm
  • Weight: 460 Grams
  • Number of puzzle pieces: 35



Brilliant products good quality. 

Great quality perfect for Pops for Christmas.

Beautiful snowy scene. The large pieces make it easy for someone if they have a little difficulty with their hands. Easy to keep clean as the pieces are plastic and you can wipe them if they get sticky. Great puzzle for someone suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Very good and my husband like to do the puzzles. 

The image proved stimulating and stirred up memories. 

Perfect for my Father who is 82 with dementia but physically fit.