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A caring companion who is there to help and support with household chores, accompany you to appointments and events or just have a cup of tea and a chat.

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How does companionship care work?

Our carers will be on hand to support you with day to day tasks, accompany you to appointments or take you to your local groups and societies. Whatever it is, your caring companion has you covered. We’ll do our best to match you with a carer based on your personal interests and hobbies. 

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What is companionship care?

Companionship-led care is an extension of our home care services in which we provide a minimum of an hour’s call to ensure you receive the support you need. Companionship care allows you to build a relationship with your carer whilst receiving bespoke services tailored to your individual needs. No two days are the same; services can vary from simply having a chat and a cup of tea to taking care of your household chores. Our carers receive award-winning training and are carefully selected to ensure that you find a suitable carer for you.

Companionship care can help you live a better life. 

Our person-centred companionship visits lift lives, allowing you to stay at home longer, where you feel most comfortable. There are many scenarios where someone may require companionship-led care. For example, some people may want company and conversation; this could be someone who lives alone and is isolated from their loved ones or needs help and support whilst trying to adjust after a bereavement. 

Companionsip care is a lighter service that’s less focused on personal care and more on providing a helping hand. However, Lifted carers have a caring nature and will still apply elements of companionship in all of our care where it’s applicable. 

How can companionship care help me?

It’s genuinely lovely having a friendly face around to keep you company and support you with day to day tasks; however, there are other helpful features.

Our carers receive extensive award-winning training and are expertly placed to spot signs you perhaps haven’t. Spotting changes such as sudden confusion, frailty or even a loss of appetite will allow our carers to intercept potential dangerous situations. We have you covered, whether it’s a trip to the doctors or reassessing your care needs. Furthermore, loneliness can negatively impact one’s health and wellbeing, and our caring companions can help prevent that.


Lifted’s friendly caregivers can help alleviate loneliness and stress simply by just being there for a chat.


Whether it’s from hospital to home or a trip out to the doctors, our carers can be on hand to escort you.

Have fun

Fancying a game of cards or some friendly competitive board games? Lifted carers would love to join in.

Home help companion

From dusting to vacuuming, we’ve got you covered. Lifted’s carers can perform fundamental housekeeping tasks.

Social events

We’d hate for you to miss out on social events; lifted carers can accompany you wherever.


From walks in the park to at-home exercises, our carers love to help people stay active.

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A connected experience at all times

Winner of the Laingbuisson Innovation in Care award, with our leading care app, we are making care a better experience for all. Whether you are the one receiving care, you are organising care for a loved one or you are a carer – we continue to develop technology to make our care better and more accessible to all. Learn more about our app here

Never miss a moment

Through our app with Lifted moments, our Carers share moments of joy with your loved one. So if you are sat behind your desk and thinking of them, it’ll provide you with something to make you smile.

With Lifted connected families, the app allows individuals to form a team and keep everyone in the loop wherever they are. From an auntie in Cornwall to a cousin in Norfolk…you’ll all be up to date on the care of your loved one.

Another helping hand

Our hourly at home care keeps you in control and allows you to receive the support and care you or your loved ones need, where and when you want it, all helped through the innovative Lifted app.

What are the benefits of companionship care?

First and foremost, companionship-led care enables you to live in your loved home for longer. At Lifted, we’re incredibly passionate about lifting the lives of our clients with our award-winning bespoke services. Companionship care is particularly important to lift lives; this is done by combatting loneliness and isolation, identifying further care needs, providing general conversation and support, and applying our innovative caring technology. 

Companionship care isn’t limited to supporting our clients. It also provides peace of mind to our client’s current support networks, whether that’s family or friends. Sometimes, personal circumstances may change, and it can become increasingly difficult to check in on a loved one, and a phone call may not cut it. Having a caring companion will give you the reassurance needed when it isn’t as simple as just “checking in”. You can check-in and keep up to date on the progress of care packages by downloading the Lifted app.

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Our carers might actually have superpowers

Passionate. Handpicked to live Lifted’s values of kindness, competence, proactivity, passion and reliability. They have to love care as much as we do.

Supported. Highly trained by us and provided with 24/7 support. We are proud to pay the London Living Wage for hourly care.

Trusted. All our staff undergo a through recruitment and vetting process with enhanced criminal record checks, professional references, and multiple interviews.

Meet a Lifted hero

“I love being a carer for Lifted because seeing the people I support happy and achieving their daily goals gives me great fulfilment’

What should you look for in a carer?

Having a reliable, caring companion is essential. Why? Outside of the obvious. We only hire around 2% of the carers that apply at Lifted. Our high recruitment standards ensure that you receive the highest quality care possible. Lifted carers need to have empathy and compassion and be passionate about what they do. All carers that work here must tick both those boxes as a minimum. Before recruiting, we ask, “would we be happy for this person to look after our loved one”? 

We care deeply about our clients. The Lifted care team are the lifeblood of what we do, and we truly do appreciate them. 

Empathy and compassion are vital characteristics that we look for in our recruitment process; in addition to this, Lifted caregivers receive award-winning training. We conduct comprehensive assessments of our carers before caring for our clients and thorough background checks, including an advanced DBS check. Our training program covers topics such as manual handling, dementia, medications, health & safety, first aid and more.

After completing initial training, carers receive regular refresher courses and specialise in particular areas of interest or take advanced courses. For example, someone passionate about helping those with dementia might take advanced dementia courses.

Empathy and compassion are vital characteristics that we look for in our recruitment process; in addition to this, Lifted caregivers receive award-winning training. We conduct comprehensive assessments of our carers before caring for our clients and thorough background checks, including an advanced DBS check. Our training program covers topics such as manual handling, dementia, medications, health & safety, first aid and more.

After completing initial training, carers receive regular refresher courses and specialise in particular areas of interest or take advanced courses. For example, someone passionate about helping those with dementia might take advanced dementia courses. 

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What does a lifted carer do when they visit?

Our caregivers perform anything from establishing daily contact with an elderly client and preparing their lunch to providing round-the-clock care. As well as providing practical support, their job is to give emotional support in your times of need. 

It’s typical for home care workers to help their clients with one or more aspects of personal care in a routine visit. Whether this is helping them get washed and dressed every morning, taking care of their continence, or just washing their hair now and then. However, this isn’t necessary for our companionship calls, which are a much lighter service. Every person we support has their own personalised and individual care plan, so we make sure we provide precisely what’s needed. It depends on what the individual wishes to achieve from their support plan, whether they just need assistance getting out and about, performing light household tasks, or even watering plants, to name a few examples.

Caregivers offer practical assistance, but they are also friendly faces you can trust and get to know. As you watch your favourite TV program, they’ll be happy to share a cup of tea with you and maybe a couple of biscuits! Lifted carers can lend a helping hand if you need support when going on holiday. Not just on holidays either, for trips out, errands or a walk to the park, we’re there with you every step of the way. You can count on our carers to travel with you and be there for you. It’s always reassuring to know that there will be someone to support you, whether alone or with your loved ones. 

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Is companionship care right for everyone?

Home care, in general, is there to prevent you from needing residential care and staying in the comfort of your lovely home for as long as possible. For those who need packages that include personal care and help with medication, companionship may not suit you; however, all of our care is companionship-led, so you can expect a friendly face regardless. You may opt for elderly companion care if you’re feeling lonely or isolated, have slight difficulties with day to day tasks, or need help getting to and from events. At Lifted, we usually provide companionship care for elderly and vulnerable people.

You might start to think about organising companionship care when you or a loved one of yours is:

Feeling lonely or isolated

Recovering from an injury or short-term illness

Needing a companion to accompany with to and from appointments or special events

Having difficulty with household chores, such as cleaning, laundry, organising shopping, etc.

You have a desire to stay in your own home for as long as possible

Feeling vulnerable

Our trained caregivers can provide peace of mind to loved ones who cannot regularly visit among the senior companionship calls. Our clinical team manages our caring companions, who will design a tailored and specialised plan that fits your needs and lifts your life.

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Companionship care FAQs

Is there a minimum required number of companionship care hours I can book?

To make sure we have enough time to offer personalised support, we offer a minimum of one hour of home care a week for one month or more.

How does companionship care work?

After your care needs have been assessed, you’ll be assigned to a caregiver; we’ll do our best to assist this process and ensure that you are matched up with someone based on your needs, personal interests and hobbies. Your caring companion will accompany you to appointments and your local groups and societies when needed, they’ll help with day to day tasks, or they’ll be there to simply have a chat with you.

Why should I choose Lifted to look after my loved ones?

We were created to raise standards in care both for families and for carers. We give you and your loved ones complete transparency through our innovative care platform. But we go further by using our technology to learn what clients enjoy doing and sharing this information with our carers to help them deliver the support they deserve. We employ, train and support all our carers, and we are proud to pay the London living wage for hourly care. We were created based on our Co-founder’s personal experience of struggling to find excellent care for her mum when she was diagnosed with dementia, and we are proud to be lifting lives every day. We are regulated and regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission and are very proud of our inspection report.

Are Lifted Carers self-employed?

No. Lifted is a fully managed service; we directly employ our professional carers.  All carers undergo a robust and rigorous recruitment process and are trained to the highest level. You will be supported by a dedicated care manager and a care supervisor who are highly experienced in supporting families. We are a regulated service, which means The Care Quality Commission regulates our care; this is not the case for a self-employed carer. 

By contrast, an introduction agency may introduce you to a Carer, but then you will be left to supervise, manage and organise all aspects of the care for their loved one. Furthermore, they may not offer a minimum of an hour’s visit. It also means you will need to arrange cover for breaks, sickness and holidays. There is also no guarantee that the Carer will be trained or supported, and sometimes even background checked.

Lifted, by contrast, provide 24/7 support for you and our caregivers. There is the added reassurance of regulation as well as all the benefits of transparency and peace of mind given by our Care platform.

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