Yepzon Freedom Personal Safety Alarm with GPS Locator


GPS Tracker and SOS Alarm, uses 3G, wifi and GPS for accurate tracking indoors and outdoors. Easy to use app works with any smartphone



The Yepzon Freedom is a robust location tracker with a built-in SOS alarm for the safety of loved ones both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Uses GPS, 3G and Wifi tracking for reliable monitoring.
  • SOS button for emergencies alerts carers and loved ones in seconds.
  • Works worldwide anywhere with a mobile signal.

It is difficult not to be concerned about a loved one living with dementia, especially if they are prone to wandering or vulnerable to falls. The Yepzon uses advance location tracking technology to monitor the user’s whereabouts, which can then be checked by their care network using the regularly updated mobile app. Multiple users are able to access the app at once, so it doesn’t have to be one person’s responsibility to check in. Location is tracked using WiFi, 3G and GPS so that wherever the person is it is likely the Yepzon is able to check their location.

The SOS button can be used in emergencies, and will notify everyone with the app once it has been pressed. This allows a loved one to contact their support network quickly and easily when they are in need. Those notified can then check location and get in touch to make sure everything is okay. The battery life can last up to several weeks (dependent on settings), meaning there is no need to frequently remember to charge the device. The Yepzon does not have a power switch and is shock and spill resistant, so it is unlikely to be accidentally turned off or damaged by a user.

This product comes with built in SIM and 5MG worth of data (approximately 1 month of average use). Ongoing data cost according to usage (£4.95/5MB), free app download.

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  • Dimensions Length 74 mm / 2.9 in (+ keyring ~10 mm / 0,39 in), width 41 mm / 1.6 in, thickness 16 mm / 0.6 in, weight 48g / 1.28 oz
  • Package dimensions length 121 mm, width 121 mm, thickness 50 mm, weight 155g
  • Battery 450 mAh Li-ion, weight: 9.2g
  • Battery life With average use: 1-2 days. Up to several weeks depending on settings


Instructions For Use

Before use:

  1. When you start using your Yepzon Freedom, charge the battery for two hours. This ensures optimal performance and battery life.

Pairing to a smartphone or tablet for the first time:

  1. Download the Yepzon App to your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or the Apple Store.
  2. Start up the App and select Add a Yepzon. A welcome screen appears.
  3. Select Yepzon Freedom on the screen. The App requests the QR code, which is on a leaflet in the Yepzon Freedom package. Select Connect Yepzon.
  4. The Yepzon Freedom is now connected to your smartphone or tablet and you can start using it.

Adding more users:

Use the Yepzon App to share the access to your Yepzon Freedom with another smartphone or tablet. Please note that it cannot be paired again using the QR code.

  1. In Settings, choose General.
  2. Choose Manage access rights.
  3. Choose Add user.

A recommended precaution:

Requesting a reset link. If the only smartphone or tablet your Yepzon Freedom is connected with is lost or broken, or you accidentally remove the Yepzon App, Yepzon Freedom cannot be connected to another smartphone or tablet without a reset. The reset simply removes all the connections between Yepzon Freedom and any smartphone or tablet it has been connected to. To reset your Freedom, you need to request a reset link.

  1. Run the Yepzon App on your device.
  2. Select a Yepzon. Select Settings.
  3. Select Create a restore link.
  4. Enter your e-mail address and select Send. v1.0.3.7 / 16.3.2017 A message containing the reset link will arrive in your inbox in a few minutes.
  5. Save it for future use.



I know exactly where my Wife is when she goes to the shop.

Used to track my elderly Dad and the accuracy was great.