Fulham Home & Live In Care

Are you in search of an alternative to conventional care homes in Fulham? Lifted is here to help.

Lifted was launched following our co-founder’s personal experience of searching for suitable care for her mother with dementia. Lifted is on hand to help with your search and provide modern home care and live-in support.

Our Carers

Our staff are among some of the best in the business, exemplified in our clients’ regular feedback expressing how pleased they are with the service received.

Our Carers

Our staff are among some of the best in the business, exemplified in our clients’ regular feedback expressing how pleased they are with the service received.

In the top 2% of carers

The vast majority of people who apply to work with us are rejected – we offer a pool of the highest calibre expert carers who reached our top tier.

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Background checks

Our background checking process means that you can be safe in the knowledge that the carer you receive will be high-quality.

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Local to you

We only hire people who are familiar with the local area in and around Fulham, meaning your loved one will have something in common with their carer.

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Homecare in Fulham

We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible. Rather than strictly regimenting a specific care plan, we give you the right to choose your loved one’s own care package. This tailored package means you can make your own decisions about the kind of care they receive.

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Homecare in Fulham

Are you struggling to find a homecare practitioner who can meet your needs here in Fulham? If so, we can assist – just get in touch.


If your loved one needs someone to come to their house and take care of them, we can help. Just let us know and we’ll be able to assist with all sorts of essential tasks, including personal care, cooking, hoovering and medication administration.

Live-in Care

A service that we offer at Lifted which is completely different from a conventional care home is our live-in care. If you are looking for a carer who will be available around the clock, then live-in care Fulham might be what you need. Our carers can move in with your loved one, always treating this with respect and consideration. 

5 ways our carers in Fulham can assist with your loved one

Personal care

It’s not always easy to allow someone into your home to help with personal care tasks like washing and going to the toilet, but Lifted make sure to treat these tasks with respect.

Medication reminders

Staying on top of medication routines is essential. That’s why our teams are trained to administer medication in the appropriate manner.


When it comes to nutrition, you need to be sure that your loved one is getting what they need. Our carers can help with achieving this goal.

Keeping active

Whether it’s a stroll in the garden or a walk in the park, Lifted’s teams can help your loved one get out and about and feeling their best.

Household help

Enjoying a clean and tidy home isn’t out of reach, even if you need care. This is just one of the tasks our carers can help with.

Companion Care
Services in Fulham

Our service is not only there to support and help your loved ones, but to act as a companion for them too. Our friendly team will keep them company and ensure they are never unhappy.

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FAQ’s in Fulham

What does the care schedule look like?

There isn’t a fixed one here at Lifted. We trust that you and your loved one will know what is right for you, so we’re happy to let you make the choices.

Is Lifted regulated?

The Care Quality Commission regulates Lifted, meaning that we’re able to help you in a way recognised by the industry as exemplary.

What’s the pay rate?

Carers in Fulham who are employed by Lifted are paid the London Living Wage so they’re fairly remunerated.

Why should you choose Lifted?

There are plenty of reasons to pick Lifted – not least that it’s a high-quality company with a commitment to transparency and good care.

Will carers from Lifted be trained in looking after my family member’s condition?

Yes. While the carer you receive might not necessarily have worked with that particular condition before, they will be trained in how to handle it.

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