One Button Radio


Use music to engage with your loved one or keep them entertained with this retro, simple to use radio. Use a USB to play music of their choosing. Battery or mains powered.



Music is a fantastic way to stimulate someone living with dementia; providing enjoyment, boosting mood and occasionally bringing back a fond memory. True to its namesake, the One Button Radio has very simple controls so that your loved one can continue to enjoy their favourite radio station whenever they like.

Key Features:

  • Simple on/off one button operation for ease of use.
  • Recognisable and fun retro style.
  • Removable controls for easy adjustment by loved ones.

Access to music immensely improves quality of life for people living with dementia, and many find their loved one has their best moments of lucidity and cognisance when listening to their favourite songs. However, the controls of many music players can be confusing for people with dementia to operate, and they can find themselves unable to independently enjoy music as a result. The One Button Radio has been designed to have an intuitive operation system allowing loved ones to continue to enjoy music whenever they like.

The One Button Radio has just that; one button for turning it on and off again. There is a control panel with removable knobs, so that carers and family can set the radio to their loved ones preferred setting with ease. The extra control knobs can then be removed and the control panel hidden with a magnetic cover (supplied). This means someone living with dementia is less likely to be confused by the radio, and can independently enjoy music for longer.



  • Dimensions: 24.2×18.6×14.6cm
  • Weight: 1.02kg
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Batteries: 6 x LR14/Size C 1.5V (not included)
  • Dimensions: 300 wide x 190 high x 150 deep
  • AC/DC Adapter input: 230V~50Hz
  • Cable length: 1.85 metres


Instructions For Use

  1. The One Button Radio comes with a comprehensive user guide so that the caregiver can set up the radio, adjust the volume and tune to the user’s favourite station.
  2. Once that has been done, simply press the On/Off button on top of the radio to switch it on and off.



Perfect for my nan. She loves it and uses everyday.

We tried a few supposedly easy to operate radios. This is the only one Dad has been able to work unassisted.

The radio is just what we wanted. Easy to set up and even easier for my mum to use. No fiddly buttons to press, and the radio is solid and stable so can’t accidentally be knocked over.