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Fear of developing Alzheimer’s is a major concern for people over the age of 60, while more than a third of 18-59 year olds also worry about it, too

A new YouGov poll has discovered that 52% of people aged over 60 cite Alzheimer’s as one of their top three concerns as they approach later life.

The fears came ahead of other issues such as death of family and friends (41%) and developing cancer (31%).

Interestingly, the poll also asked people aged 18 to 59 the same question, and Alzheimer’s came second with 39%, behind ‘death of family and friends’ with 43%, and ahead of money issues, with 32%.

However, the poll also asked people about the things they’ll look forward to most as they get older, with the over-60s saying grandchildren was one of the biggest highlights, while more spare time was one of the main benefits for those aged 18 to 59.

What are the concerns and benefits about life that you’re thinking about as you get older? Share them with us in the comments box below.