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The first week in December marks national Anger Awareness Week, set up by the British Association of Anger Management to provide tips on staying calm, many of which are useful for people who care for someone with dementia

Caring for a loved one with dementia is not an easy job, and there could very well be times when you get frustrated and angry.

The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) has created a ‘Keep Your Cool This Yule Kit’ to help people stay calm during the festive season, when tempers can become especially frayed.

They’ve come up with a list of tips which include:
1. Stop, think, take a look at the big picture
2. It’s ok to have a different opinion
3. Listen actively
4. Use your emotional support network
5. Keep a journal to share any angry thoughts
6. Don’t take things personally.

While these tips have been created for anyone affected by anger, they also make great suggestions if you’re carer.

After all, if the person you care for has a tendency to be mean or aggressive to you since their diagnosis, it’s important to remember to not take it personally because it really is their illness talking.

Likewise, accepting that you may well have a different opinion on something compared to your loved one with dementia will help (they may insist the date is Tuesday 4 June 1981 while you know better). It’s all part of therapeutic lying.

Look out for more articles about caring for your loved one with dementia over the Christmas season, which we’ll be posting throughout December.

Did you know?
The average family has their first argument on Christmas Day at 9.58am.