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Proximity is a simple, yet effective product that will message your phone if someone you care for leaves your side, and Unforgettable is now selling it exclusively.

If a loved one or someone you care for tends to walk off when you’re out and about (one minute they’re there, the next they’ve disappeared), a new product coming onto the dementia market could be just the answer.

The Proximity Button uses innovative technology to provide carers with an affordable solution to protect people living with dementia from wandering. The smart Button sensor, worn by a person with dementia, connects to a carer’s iPhone or Android device and alerts them when the Button-wearer wanders too far. The Button is attached using a magnet, so can be attached to most clothing, including in areas that are out of reach of the wearer if you’re worried that they’ll remove it.

It’s not a tracking device, so doesn’t rely on GPS technology. Instead, it creates a Bluetooth connection which if the person wearing the button wanders too far from their carer (who will be linked up by an app), they will be alerted.

The company was founded by Natalie Price, who got the idea after seeing the struggles her mother, who has been a professional dementia carer for 15 years, had when out and about. The person with dementia would be there one minute, and then suddenly disappear. Natalie won a business incubation funding programme to create the prototype and is now selling it exclusively through Unforgettable.

James Ashwell, founder of Unforgettable, says:

‘There are a few tracking products available in the market, but they use expensive and complex technology. Proximity is unlike other products out there; it’s a simple solution to prevent wandering at a much more affordable price point. I’m excited and delighted that we will be selling it exclusively through Unforgettable.org.’

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