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Find out how Unforgettable are creating a unique LPA document designed specifically for people with dementia and their families.

Ensuring that a loved one dementia can be looked after in the way that they’d want, even after they’ve lost their mental capacity, is important for any family or carer.

Lots of people assume that close family and friends will have a “right” to take over in areas such as finance, health and welfare if they’re unable to do it themselves. This is not the case, and many families find this out too late.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a special legal document which appoints one or more people to act in someone’s best interests when making decisions on finance, health and welfare. It’s really important that you set up an LPA for someone with dementia because it’s highly likely that someone with the condition will eventually lose the ability to make decisions for themselves. If you don’t set one up, it can turn into a very expensive and complicated business to try and gain control of a loved one’s finances and care needs.

It’s why Unforgettable.org have taken a ground-breaking new step by setting up an online Lasting Power of Attorney tool dedicated to creating this (often complicated) document. It’s been especially designed, with the knowledge, support and advice of legal experts Netlawman, and includes additional questions you will need to consider specific to caring for someone with dementia, including issues such as the use of CCTV and GPS trackers for wandering.

The Guardian newspaper have written a profile on Unforgettable about the launch of the tool and the aims of the company, which you can read here.