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A FREE book
If the word ‘dementia’ fills you with dread, Unforgettable’s latest ebook Dementia Explained might be just what you need. Dementia Explained is a practical, down to earth guide book explaining the signs and symptoms of dementia, the main types of dementia, the diagnosis process, how to get on a drug trial and the treatments and therapies available right now to the people who need them. If you’re worried about someone’s memory, are newly diagnosed yourself or just want to know a bit more about the illness you’re dealing with.

An LPA (Lasting Power of Attorney)
Many people think it’s too late to set up a Lasting Power of Attorney if the person they care about has been diagnosed with dementia…but it might not be. As you probably know, dementia is a progressive condition, and providing your loved one still has ‘mental capacity’ (ie, is able to understand what they’re signing) an LPA may not be out of the question. But it’s definitely wise to act quickly. Some people with dementia maintain their mental capacity for many years, but others sadly don’t. A Lasting Power of Attorney is probably as important a document as a Will. It allows a person with dementia to appoint someone they trust to manage their affairs (financial and health) if and when they are no longer able to do so themselves.
Unforgettable has lots of free information about LPA and a range of services to suit many different needs, one of which is free.