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The family of former footballer Stan Bowles, who played for England and Queen’s Park Rangers, have revealed that he has a form of Alzheimer’s disease.

He was known as a maverick of the game and a popular player during QPR’s heyday in the 1970s, but it’s been revealed that former footballer Stan Bowles has developed Alzheimer’s disease.

A statement released by his family said,

‘We are writing this on behalf of our father Stanley Bowles. We would like it to be known that our father has unfortunately developed a form of Alzheimer’s.

‘Consequently he finds it extremely difficult to sign autographs etc. We would be grateful for anyone who comes in contact with our father to show some understanding of his condition.

‘We have on behalf of our father been grateful that fans still show interest in him and would be grateful that anything regarding him is played low key.

‘We will continue his Facebook page and hope you will continue to share your memories thanking you in anticipation.’

Bowles spent seven years at Queen’s Park Rangers and received five caps while playing for England, scoring one international goal against Wales.

The Alzheimer’s Society applauded the decision by Stan’s family to reveal his dementia diagnosis, with Chief Executive Jeremy Hughes saying,

‘The decision by Stan Bowles’ family to be open about his diagnosis is a brave and welcome one. It can sometimes be difficult to tell people that a loved-one has Alzheimer’s disease. We are heartened by the overwhelming support and understanding shown by members of the public and QPR Chairman Tony Fernandes’ support on Twitter over this announcement.’