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Need a few simple ways to make your home safer for the person you care about? It might not be as difficult as you think. Sometimes, a few tweaks can make a huge difference and they don’t have to be time consuming or costly.

But knowing where to start and what to do first can be tricky. So, we’ve done all the research for you and compiled our new Unforgettable Guide Your Dementia Home. It’s filled with tips, tricks and practical advice to make your home easier to manage. Download it here!

In our FREE eBook you’ll find:

Room by room guidance
Each chapter focuses on a different room in the house, helping you address any potential problems you might find there. For example, it offers tips to prevent floods in the bathroom, falls on the stairs and fires in the kitchen.

Down to earth advice
Sometimes a bit of knowledge and common sense is all it takes. For example, once you know that mirrors can cause people with dementia to become even more confused (they may not recognise themselves and become afraid if they see a ‘stranger’ looking back at them) you can remove them or cover them up.

A range of simple solutions
Everyone’s experience of dementia is unique – there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. But there are an increasing number of ways to solve some of the most common challenges you might face. From better lighting to make it safer for them to get around at night, grab rails to keep them steady, signage for doors and kitchen cupboards to help them find things easier, and special basin plugs to prevent flooding if a tap is left on.

So download your free book now and take a good look at all the tips and advice.