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Unforgettable’s new guide book Staying out of hospital when you have dementia is already proving a massive hit – so make sure you don’t miss out

More than 1000 people have already received their free copy of Unforgettable’s new and informative guide book about avoiding hospital admissions when you have dementia. Written by Danielle Wilde, Dementia Lead at the Royal Free Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust, Staying out of hospital when you have dementia is filled with practical, comforting and heartening advice, leaving you better equipped to keep the person you love safe, healthy and away from hospital for as long as possible.

It’s a guide which we felt was greatly needed and, judging by your amazing response, so do you. Within 24 hours of launching the guide, more than 650 customers had already downloaded it, including family carers, doctors, experts and people living with dementia. A customer who cares for her 85 year-old mum told us: ‘On a first look it appears very informative, it’s certainly timely, so thank you very much for taking the trouble to research it all and share it…and for free.’

A community care manager was equally impressed. ‘The guide is really detailed, easy-read and helpful and its principles will be really useful to my staff team.’

Recent horror stories about the NHS facing a ‘humanitarian crisis’, suggest our guide couldn’t have come at a better time. Lengthy waiting times at A&E and even lengthier delays in discharge (resulting in so called bed-blocking) mean that people with dementia often experience stressful and lengthy hospital stays which can prove extremely detrimental.

James Ashwell, founder of Unforgettable says. ‘My mum was one of the lucky ones. During her dementia journey, she was only admitted to hospital once, but I know many others aren’t quite so fortunate. However, I’ve learnt that there’s lots you can do to prevent some of the most common causes of hospital admissions.’

Staying out of hospital when you have dementia tells you the 6 main reasons why people with dementia end up in hospital and how to prevent or identify problems early on so they can be managed at home instead. It also contains case studies and expert tips to keep loved ones safe and well at home.

James adds: ‘We compiled this free guide so that you have all the advice you need at your fingertips. We hope it helps you feel better equipped. Remember, forewarned is forearmed.’