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This depends entirely on what you want, how much you want to pay – and when you want to pay it. Generally speaking, funeral plans usually include care of your loved one’s body a coffin and hearse.

Some also include other costs such as cremation fees and ministers’ fees, others give a set ‘allowance’ towards these costs. If the costs go up – your family might have to pay the difference.

There are different types of packages and prices to choose from so it’s wise to do some research, but they generally fall into three categories:

1. Simple plans
These can be as low as £1,895 and cover the essentials such as care of your loved one’s body, doctors’ fees, a simple coffin, cremation fees and funeral directors’ services.

Choose a simple plan if
· You don’t see any point in an elaborate funeral – you’d rather the money was spent elsewhere

But remember
· Some of the simplest plans are for cremation only and can’t be adapted for burial
· Some don’t include viewings at the Chapel of Rest

2. Mid-price plans
These tend to cost upwards of £3,000 and include a funeral hearse and bearers, organising the service at the crematorium/cemetery, family support, funeral procession, visits to the Chapel of Rest, ministers’ fees and the option of burial.

Choose a mid-price plan if
· You want a relatively simple funeral but one that retains the dignity of a traditional service and offers your family a higher level of care and attention

But remember
· Mid-price plans are probably the most popular option so there’s lots of choice – make sure to shop around!
· Burial costs can still add a considerable amount to the bill, so can other extras such as limousines.

3. Highest price plans
These include more expensive coffins, limousines and visits to the Chapel of Rest at any time

Choose a higher priced plan if
· A lavish send-off is important to you – and you don’t mind what it costs.

But remember
· If you want something specific, such as a horse drawn carriage, you will need to factor this in, and it could cost a lot more.
· Even the most expensive plans don’t usually include the cost of the wake.

Golden rules

· Whichever type of plan you go for, make sure to check the small print and confirm that everything you want is included.
· You don’t have to choose one of the big nationwide funeral providers – sometimes local services can work out cheaper

It’s also worth considering

Joint funeral plans
Some providers only allow one name on the funeral plan you take out. But a few will allow two names (for example, you and your partner) so it can be used by whoever dies first.

Funeral directors
If you want a particular funeral director to organise your funeral, you need to check this is possible before buying your plan. Some funeral plan providers will allow you to choose your own funeral director, but others don’t give this choice.