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Finding a professional carer for a loved one can be a daunting experience. But it isn’t impossible. We asked care experts to reveal what you should look out for

Choosing a dementia carer isn’t easy. First, you need someone you can trust and who gets along well with your loved one. You also need them to be passionate about what they do (if they love their job, they’ll always go the extra mile) and to respect your loved one’s needs and desires. You also need to be able to afford them.

These days there are many different ways to find a professional carer. For example, you can find one privately, through your council or via a homecare agency. But even when you think you’ve found the right person there are lots of checks you need to do. References should always be followed up and qualifications should be checked. If they’ve worked for an agency or health trust they should have up to date training in everything from First Aid to food hygiene. You might also want to consider asking them to come along for a trial visit to see whether they genuinely have what it takes and can manage the practical tasks as well as they say they could.

Fortunately, care experts at SuperCarers have complied this in-depth article talking you through the whole process.

SuperCarers is an online platform helping families find trusted carers in their local community. They use technology to match families with their perfect SuperCarer based on location, needs and interests and provide the tools to manage the scheduling, logistics and payment of care online, bypassing the high costs of agency middlemen. For more info, visit supercarers.com.