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Live in care is a service available for the elderly and those with disabilities. It’s often used as an alternative to residential care homes and is perfect for those who need an extra helping hand, without having to move out and away from their home comforts. 

It can be used for those with dementia, couples, young adults, and older and disabled people who struggle to take on daily tasks. 

Live in care offers companionship, support and help around the house, allowing those who use the service to maintain their independence. 

Despite the benefits of live in care, there are some myths surrounding the service. The Lifted team are here to put them to rest. 

  • Live in care isn’t safe 

It’s understandable that people have reservations when it comes to having someone living in the home of their loved one. 

However, when it comes to Lifted, we take time selecting and training our carers to ensure they deliver the best of the best when it comes to live in care. Our rigorous recruitment and selection process includes an application, full vetting and a series of interviews to help us maintain the highest professional standards. 

During the selection process, all applicants undergo comprehensive background checks, including criminal record checks and reference enquiries. This ensures every carer can be trusted and are professional, reliable and dedicated to providing care for your loved ones. 

  • Live in care isn’t suitable for those with dementia 

Lifted was founded by our CEO Rachael after finding out her mum had been diagnosed with dementia. After struggling to find sufficient care for her, she then made it her mission to build a team of people who were passionate about delivering quality care for more vulnerable people. 

Since then, we have helped countless families by providing care and support for their loved ones who have dementia. We create routines, set medication reminders and assist with getting dressed. 

No matter the level of severity, our team are more than capable of caring for people with dementia.  

  • Those being cared for will be lonely 

While the main aim of live in care is to establish a routine, assist around the home and help with medication, our carers can also provide valuable companionship. 

We recognise that you’ll be worried about leaving your loved one with a carer, but our friendly and patient team can provide a friend and listening ear for your loved ones. 

To make sure your carer fits your requirements, you can trial a few to find the perfect match. We will make sure your carer is matched to your interests and hobbies, care needs and personality for a seamless and fuss-free fit. 

  • Professional live in care is expensive 

Compared to alternatives, live in care is one of the most cost-effective care options available. 

Your loved one will have access to bespoke care tailored to their every need, as well as a 24/7 companion to provide emotional support. 

The total cost of live in care depends on the individual situation of your loved one and the levels of care they require. Take a look at our live in care costs for more information. 

  • Carers are less skilled than those working in a care home

This couldn’t be further from the truth. 

After the selection process, the team here at Lifted ensure our carers undergo regular training before and during their time with us. This includes safeguarding, first aid, medication administration, infection control, communication, dementia support and more. 

We also schedule shadowing, supervisions, spot checks and performance management to further monitor each carer. Combined with additional training, we ensure the Lifted team are able to provide the highest levels of care at all times. 

  • There will be loads of carers looking after one person 

With Lifted, there is one carer for each individual. 

You’ll be given the chance to meet with a few carers before deciding on the right one for you. This way, you can find the right carer for your needs to fit into your lifestyle and routine. 

  • Accepting care means a loss of independence 

Individuals who choose Lifted for live in care have highlighted how their independence is still very much intact, despite receiving care. 

Our carers will provide support and companionship whenever they need it. If your loved one takes part in clubs and other activities, our carers can accompany them, to ensure they maintain their social life as much as possible.

Live in care also means they don’t have to move out of their homes to be provided with care. This is hugely beneficial to your loved ones and ensures they still have their home comforts and can socialise with their neighbours. 

  • Live in care is only for seniors 

Live in care is largely popular for elderly people and those with disabilities. Carers can lend a helping hand and assist with medication and routines. 

However, it can also be used in the form of: 

If you’d like to know if you or your loved one is eligible for live in care, contact us today. 

  • Home care isn’t necessary for those with low to moderate needs 

There’s no doubt that live in care is perfect for people with complex care needs. However, those with low to moderate needs can also benefit from the service. 

Our carers can provide reassurance and companionship, as well as assistance in completing daily tasks. No matter your care needs, the Lifted team are more than equipped to help. 

If you’re currently caring for a loved one and are acting as the primary carer, it’s likely you need some respite to tick off your own to-do list and look after yourself. Live in care allows you to do this, giving you the confidence that your loved one is being cared for to the highest standards. 

  • The quality of care is low with live in care 

The care provided will be completely bespoke to the needs of your loved one. Our team will assess and create a care plan unique to them to ensure appropriate levels of care are provided. 

Combined with regular training and support, our carers are have been recognised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), winning us the Home Care Award in 2020. 

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