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Care needs don’t stop at the end of the traditional working day. 

For many, receiving care throughout the night is just as important as having access to it during the day. 

Whether it’s for medication purposes, help going to the bathroom, or another reason, a live in carer is more than equipped to help. 

Here’s everything you need to know about overnight care. 

What is overnight care?

Overnight care is simply when a carer stays in your home or that of a loved one, to provide care during the night. 

It includes help with medication, going to the bathroom, and a shoulder to lean on if you or your loved one feels anxious during the night. 

Why would I need overnight care?

If you or your loved one has complex care needs, overnight care gives you the confidence that someone is on hand to provide care as and when necessary.

Nighttime is when people with disabilities often feel the most vulnerable or anxious. Our carers will be there during the night and the early hours to provide comfort and support for you or your loved ones. 

Our carers are patient and understanding individuals, who can ease those needing care to a restful night’s sleep. 

Our carers can also administer medication, help your loved one go to the toilet, and ensure they safely turn in bed. 

How much does overnight live in care cost?

Live in care starts at £1,250 per week, but costs can vary depending on circumstantial factors. 

With Lifted, there are no hidden fees to worry about – just a rate that reflects the high levels of care you can expect to receive. 

Call us today to learn more about our pricing and get a quote unique to your requirements. 

What are the benefits of overnight care?

The key benefit of overnight care is the support your loved one will receive during a usually vulnerable time. 

As a loved one, you can rest with the knowledge that your relatives are safe in the hands of one of our carers, even during the night. 

It’s also much safer for those with reduced mobility or disabilities to have someone around during the night, in case of falls. Having someone to help them get in and out of bed during the night means your loved one is much less likely to hurt themselves. 

How do I know if I or my loved ones need live in care?

If you or your loved one has injured themselves during the night, or need help taking medication outside of traditional working hours, overnight care could be the answer. 

Caring for your relatives can be rewarding, but it’s important you take time for yourself, including getting enough sleep to take on the day. Overnight care means you can relax without the worry that your loved one is home alone during the night. 

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Our live in carers can provide 24/7 care for individuals who need it the most. 

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