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A recent survey has found many employers are failing to provide help and support for those with dementia.

In a survey of nearly 1200 British employees by PMI Health Group, it found 33% don’t offer any help or support for people with dementia. This is even though 7% of respondents either have or work with someone with dementia.

In addition, more than half (54%) of these respondents have received no education or training on dementia from their employer.

Mike Blake, director at PMI Health Group, part of Willis Towers Watson, said:

‘Employees can be affected as both sufferers and carers but [organisations] can make a difference by introducing clear policies on how they can provide support and improve staff awareness.

‘By establishing an inclusive, dementia-friendly, working environment, [organisations] can give carers and employees with dementia the opportunity to continue playing an active and important role in the workplace. Furthermore, those diagnosed with the condition would be more likely to report it to their employer and seek support.

‘Measures can include early intervention from occupational health professionals and the inclusion of information about dementia, and local support services, in staff newsletters and noticeboards.’

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Source: employeebenefits.co.uk