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I am delighted today to share that Lifted is the new home for Unforgettable. 

Lifted is a home care provider that is proud to support people, where they feel most comfortable and that is in their own homes. We are on a mission to fix the crisis in social care and transform the lives of people with dementia. 

I started Lifted after my wonderful mum Kate was diagnosed with dementia aged 56. I was 24 and it was really hard. Quite quickly my mum lost the ability to chat with me. Later she would forget who I was. I missed her so much. In those difficult times, I turned to the Unforgettable Facebook community for support. It made me feel so much less alone to speak to people going through the same challenges as me and it gave me strength to care for my mum with love and patience.  

I found it hard to source the things she really needed, such as a Christmas present suitable for someone with dementia, or a talking clock. Unforgettable came to the rescue.

We also discovered day by day that there was so much we didn’t know. We struggled with knowing how to cope with sundowning, or why my mum was suddenly so frightened of the bath. We struggled too with the emotional challenge of grieving for her even when she was still alive. In those times, I found Unforgettable informational articles hugely helpful. 

So, when we were approached by the Unforgettable team last year, I was really proud to welcome the community to Lifted. 

The Facebook group of 8000 members, all the great content,9 and the Unforgettable shop are now all hosted by Lifted. It is all free for people to use. 

You can access the Lifted Dementia community Facebook group here and you can find the Lifted dementia shop where we stock all the items you need here. 

Life with dementia can be tough but we hope that we can help make you feel a little bit less alone on this journey. 

If you have any thoughts about how we work together please do get in touch, and if you are looking for care for your loved one with dementia please contact us here. 



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