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Unforgettable’s life changing dementia products, and pioneering partnership with LloydsPharmacy, were featured in an award-winning Radio 4 food programme at the weekend

Unforgettable founder James Ashwell was thrilled to be invited back onto Radio 4’s Food Programme last week to update listeners on the work Unforgettable is doing to make eating more manageable for people with dementia.

James’ latest appearance on the Food Programme came after an ‘overwhelming response’ to the original Dementia and Diet programme he took part in last year. This ground-breaking investigation into what remains, according to Sheila Dilon, ‘an unfashionable and neglected area of health care’ was so popular with Radio 4 listeners that it went on to win Radio Programme of the Year at the Fortnum & Mason food awards 2017.

Sunday’s update looked at what has happened since the original show went out. James told listeners about Unforgettable’s new pioneering partnership with LloydsPharmacy which means that, for the first time ever, dementia products are now available on the high street, including those specially designed to make eating and drinking a bit easier.  ‘I believe this partnership will change lives,’ James says.

‘Nowhere anywhere in the world have you been able to walk into a pharmacy and see diabetes, blood pressure…and dementia products all in the same place,’ he explained on the show. ‘It’s so exciting, it’s a massive change in dementia.’

James and Sheila discussed several products which might help make meal times less stressful for people living with dementia.

They included:

Easy Eating Kit which keeps food and drinks warm for people who eat more slowly, including a plate with an innovative sloped base making it easier to scoop food and a mug designed to increase fluid intake

Ulla – The Simple Drinking Reminder a simply, stylish device which you pop around any cup or bottle and will regularly draw attention to the drink (by blinking) to encourage drinking and prevent dehydration, which is one of the most common reasons why people with dementia are admitted to hospital.

A fully curated range of seven life changing dementia products is now available from 50 LloydsPharmacy and seven BetterLife stores, allowing you the chance to try before you buy. They are also available through LloydsPharmacy.com for ‘click and collect’ or home delivery.

To find your nearest store stocking dementia products go here.