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Caring for someone can mean anything from cooking their favourite meal, taking them
somewhere they’ve always wanted to go, to giving them a hug and comforting them when
distressed. Caring can be full of love, laughter and reassurance.

Caring for someone with dementia can be all of these things BUT there will be times when it
can become the most difficult, heart-breaking aspect of caring. Knowing that the Care
Services will provide good, reliable help and support can help a Carer survive these times.

Unfortunately, for many Carers, this is not the case. Many have asked for help, sometimes
when their health was compromised, only to be told that someone would ring back, and
didn’t, or that the facilities to provide respite care weren’t available, leaving the carer to cope
alone. I know some areas of the country seem to provide better services than others, but it
shouldn’t be a Postcode Lottery.

This is why I decided to start this campaign.

I decided to start shouting for those Carers. Some have given up asking because it’s soul
destroying, waiting for help, and nothing happening. Some are exhausted both physically
and mentally and have no energy to fight.

The postcard idea came to me in the quietest room of my house, the bathroom. It’s a simple
idea, sending postcards to our MP’s highlighting the need. Just write your name, town’s
name, the name of your MP and the Houses of Parliament address on the back and post, to
arrive on or around 21st September (World Alzheimer’s Day). Simple.

Then my wonderful friend, Rebekah, said that I needed a website to spread the word, and
set about organising that, plus petition, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal accounts. Her help
has been invaluable and I would not have been able to get this far without her.

Everything is up and running, all in just over two weeks.  Now, with the help of
Unforgettable friends, this campaign is ready to go. The next few weeks will be spent
promoting this project to increase its chances of being successful.

Dementia Carers need to be respected, helped and supported.