Esky Wireless Key Finders with 6 Receivers


Locate objects easily and quickly with this Object Locator & Beeping Key Finder. Simply attach the fobs to 5 items and press the remote control to activate the beeper. Range of up to 50m.



A quick and easy solution to misplaced objects. Forgetfulness can be frustrating for our loved ones with dementia, and not being able to remember where you left your belongings can be very upsetting. The Esky Wireless Key finder can save time and energy with its multiple receivers and handy remote.

Key Features:

  • 40-80 foot receiver range – perfect for home use.
  • 70-80dB ringer and flashing LED light for speedy retrieval.
  • 6 colour coded receivers for multiple belongings.

Mislaying personal belongings can be a very frustrating aspect of living with dementia, and we want to do everything we can to support the people we love when they’re struggling. The Esky Wireless Key Finder could be a great solution for people frequently moving important belongings about their home, or unable to recall where they have left something. Create a colour-coded chart for 6 of your loved ones important belongings, attach the receivers using key chains or the hook & loop tapes provided and you will be able to quickly find them whenever they’re needed.

Receivers are small enough to be placed on important items discretely, charge quickly and have a long battery life: 10 minutes charge can last up to 3 months. This means a loved one need not be bothered by the receivers, and the Esky can be called upon only when necessary. Many people save time and energy using key finders, and for people living with dementia the improvements for quality of life are clear. Save time searching with the Esky, and focus on keeping your loved one calm and comfortable.



  • Receiver size: 2.1×1.2×0.18in
  • Frequency: 433.92 MHz
  • Sound volume: 85-90 dB
  • Working range: 50-100 feet(open space)
  • Battery: 1 X CR2032 Batteries (for remote , included)
  • Receivers charging port: DC 5V Micro USB
  • Housing material: ABS


Instructions For Use

Esky needs to be activated before the first use. Plug the pin provided into the small activation hole on the side of the receiver, and when the LED light flickers your device is ready for use.


What’s In The Box?

  • 1 x Esky Transmitter (1 stand included)
  • 5 x Esky Receivers
  • 5 x Esky Key Ring
  • 5 x Hook & Loop Tapes
  • 1 x CR2032 batteries – 1 x Pin
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual



The ‘Key Finder’ kit arrived promptly. In the box, 6 receivers (key fobs), 1 Locator, 6 key rings, 6 self-adhesive pads, 8 batteries and a tool to open up the key-fobs. Forget all those other products suggesting you can find lost stuff anywhere, the inference being they are ‘GPS’ tracked – they’re not. Mobile phone apps and all that hype. If, like me, you have elderly dependent parents/relatives – very old – dementia and all that stuff, then this is the kit. It’s really simple to set up (put the batteries in – that’s it). Attach the key fobs to whatever you want to find when they’ve lost it (again). Okay, this is week one and if there is any problems going forward I’ll update this review but, from what I’ve seen this far, this kit works finding stuff around the home where 90% of the stuff is they loose. If they loose it out and about, my guess is I’ll take the ‘Locator’ out to where they think they’ve lost it and try there. I can’t emphasise how simple to use this kit is.

Received quick, set-up very easy and works great! A great help finding items my Mum with dementia loses many times a day. Would highly recommend!

Does what it says on the advert. Very useful for wife who keeps losing things due to dementia.