Self-managed care. Because you know what’s best

All the benefits of arranging care privately but with our expertise alongside you every step of the way

Our self-managed package

Our best value package

Live-in care £1100 per week, visiting care £20 p/h all inclusive. No hidden costs. A great rate for your carer and the reassurance of our support.

Choice & Control

Browse, interview & trial carers to make sure you get a team that fits. Write your own role description and include all the tasks that make life that bit better.

Autonomy with support

Manage care yourself so you get exactly what’s needed day to day and you build a true partnership with your team. We’re here to support when you need us.

Get care in place fast

With our self-managed package you can get care in place in as little as 48 hours, whilst still being confident that carers are fully vetted and trained.

Leave the admin to us

You have a direct relationship with your carer, who is self-employed but we still take the paperwork pain away. We sort contracts, payroll and insurance.

Emergency back-up

If your carer is sick or away, we can supply a stand-in as little as a few hours, giving you the benefits of private hire but with the peace of mind of an agency.

Choose a team perfect for you.

You browse carer profiles, for carers approved by Lifted, interview them and have a no obligation trial before committing.

Every role is unique. We help you describe yours so that the team you get fits you like a glove.

A team that stays with you

Your carer gets a pay rise for sticking with the same family (at no additional cost to you).

As you manage the relationship day to day you forge a deep partnership.

This means you get the life-changing benefit of someone who really gets to know you and your family.

A team that go above and beyond

Every carer we list is thoroughly vetted and properly trained, They take our “Lift Lives” training where they learn what it means to truly enrich someone’s life, not just care for them.

They are supported day to day with activities and tools to bring a bit of magic that truly makes a difference.

How Lifted supports you

Get in Touch with our Live in Carers

Care advisors

on hand

You have a named care advisor who can get to know you and your family inside out and help you plan your care. Our lines are open 24/7 365 days a year.

Get in Touch with our Live in Carers

Support & mentoring

Your carer has a direct relationship with you, but they’re not alone. Our coaching team supports them to do the best possible job.

Get in Touch with our Live in Carers

No paperwork hassle

We deal with contracts, payroll & insurance so you have 100% peace of mind that everything is above aboard and professional.

Emergency cover We’ve got you

If your carer can’t be there at short notice, don’t just struggle on – let us know and we will introduce you to someone who can cover – usually within a few hours.

If you can’t manage without care, even for a few hours, you need our Fully Managed Service where we guarantee you’ll never be left without a minute of essential care.

When self-managed care works best

You prefer to pay a little less and take on more of the management yourself. Often this is because:

  • You’re not arranging care for the first time
  • You’ve had care plans done in the past and you’re confident in knowing what good care looks like for you.
  • You prefer communicating directly with your carer, offering feedback and guidance yourself so it becomes a true partnership.
  • You’re happy to monitor yourself that care happens and tasks are done.
  • If the carer can’t attend at short notice you can manage care yourself for a few hours whilst an alternative is arranged.

If you’re arranging care for someone else we find hiring direct works best if you can be around regularly to offer oversight to care.

When fully managed care works best

Lifted Concierge is our fully managed service. This might suit you if you prefer to pay a little more and someone else arrange everything for you. Often this is because:

  • You’re arranging care for the first time.

  • You’ve never had an assessment or care plan and need expert guidance on what care would look like.
  • You prefer dealing with a care manager who manages your carers for you – including giving feedback and managing their performance.
  • You need someone to monitor for you that care happens and tasks are done.
  • If the carer can’t attend at short notice you need a replacement to be in place immediately so there is no gap in care whatsoever.

If you’re arranging care for someone else and don’t live close by, we find using a fully managed agency gives you that peace of mind.

Who is Lifted Direct?

Lifted Direct is from Lifted Care – an established, award winning CQC regulated home care agency. Find out more about our fully managed service.

We’ve recognised that many families prefer to hire their carers direct and have the autonomy of a direct partnership with their carer. Many great carers also prefer to work this way.

So we’ve taken all our expertise and baked it into this new service. Bringing you choice, autonomy and the same Lifted quality of carer for a lower price, whilst not losing out completely on the support and back-up of a great agency.

We’re really proud to officially be the best home care company in the country

Best Live in Carers in the Country - Lifted Care

Simple pricing & we’ll help you get all the support you’re entitled to

Simple pricing. Live-in care costs £1100 a week or £15 per hour for visiting care, including weekends and bank holidays. No hidden extras – the fees for our services are all included.

Your carers get a great rate and 6 monthly pay rises (at no additional cost to you) for sticking with their families.

Our financial advisors can help you with:

Confidential call with you and your family members to explore your situation

Advise on support you might be entitled to

Help you apply, fill in forms and navigate any discussions

Have you got questions?