Lion Fiddle Muff for Sensory Therapy


Keep restless hands busy with this Lion Fiddle Muff for Sensory Therapy. Cosy, colourful and irresistibly tactile, the stimulating fabrics and attachments help reduce stress, anxiety and restlessness. Machine washable. Detachable attachments.



A lovable companion that can provide comfort and occupy restless hands. A great gift for a loved one in the later stages of dementia with plenty of features for a pleasant tactile experience.

Key Features:

  • High quality tactile multi-sensory comforter.
  • Machine washable with detachable attachments.
  • Irresistibly soft and warm fabric with attractive colours.

The Lion Fiddle Muff has been designed to calm agitated hands and minds, and makes a great sensory therapy tool. There are plenty of different aspects to play with from the mane to the detachable widgets inside so that they’ll never get bored. Many people with dementia become very attached to their Fiddle Muff, and it is not unusual for them to name them, carry them around and past the time fiddling.

If you have a loved one in the later stages of dementia that has become prone to agitation or low mood, simple tactile experiences such as the fiddle muff provides are a great way of soothing them when they are feeling distressed. The multiple features mean they are less likely to lose interest as they might with a traditional soft toy, and the widgets included have been designed to encourage dexterity and focus.

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  • Size: 25 x 20cm
  • Weight: 225g



I was not sure what mum would make of this ‘toy’ but she loved it from the start – the bright colours and different textures. She does not engage with anything on her own but it gives the staff and visitors something to introduce when they are with her. 

Mum loves it – excellent way of calming her. Thank you!!

Good quality product for a dementia sufferer who is in an agitated state.