Orange Tabby Cat – Robotic companion pet


The Joy For All Companion Pet Cat looks, feels, and sounds like a real cat. But they’re so much more than soft fur, soothing purrs, and pleasant meows. These cats respond to petting, hugging, and motion much like the real ones you know and love but don’t require any special care or feeding.


  • Doesn’t need food or water
  • No vets bills
  • Robotic life like companion cat



We all know the comfort and joy pets can bring us. The Joy For All Companions have been designed to offer all the delight of a real pet without any of the risks and chores of a live animal – perfect for a loved one living with dementia.

Key Features:

  • Realistic soft fur looks and feels just like a cat.
  • VibraPurr recreates the sound and sensation of real purring.
  • Cat-like movements and sounds respond to motion and touch.

Living with dementia can be deeply distressing at times, and sometimes we feel like there’s nothing we can do to support a loved one who is struggling. The Joy For All Companion Cats are a great way of calming and comforting loved ones when they’re feeling upset, and can create real moments of joy in the later stages of dementia.

The Joy For All looks and feels like a real cat, and use built-in sensors to respond to motion and touch with pet-like movements and purring. This means your loved one can enjoy the soothing experience of spending time with a beloved pet without any of the risks associated with live animals. If your loved one had pets, or you know they love to stroke a friendly feline, consider the Joy For All Companion Cat and you might be surprised by how they take to them. These companions deliver a joyful experience that inspires smiles, laughter and fond memories for people of all ages.

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Instructions For Use

A few simple pets or pats will bring your Joy for All pet to life:

  • Pet your cat’s left cheek and it will nuzzle its head into your hand.
  • Pet your cat’s back – or behind its head – and it will purr happily.
  • Keep petting your cat and it will roll on its back so you can give it a belly rub.
  • The more you pet your cat, the more relaxed it will get. It might even close its eyes and snooze.
  • If you don’t touch your cat for a few minutes, it will go to sleep. To wake it up simply give it a gentle pat on the back. Or it might wake up when you move nearby.


  1. Gently brush it with the brush provided, and wipe off dirt immediately.
  2. Do not use detergents or stain removers.
  3. Keep your pet dry.
  4. Do not immerse in water.



So far excellent present for my 90year old mom.

Residents absolutely love the Companion Cat, he is adorable.

My mother just loves the cat. It has brought her much joy and creates another level of conversation with her visitors.

My residents love it, very realistic.