Swissvoice C50s Smartphone with charging base station – Black


Help your loved one stay safe and connected with this simple GPS mobile phone. Find their location by texting the phone. SOS button sends alert to emergency contacts.



A smartphone for seniors. Swissvoice have developed the C50s with the unique aim of removing the barriers many older people face when operating modern mobiles. Larger, clearer display, louder audio and safety functions for emergencies make this a great option when considering a new phone for a loved one.

Key Features:

  • Comfort base station for easy charging & use in the home.
  • Compatible with most Hearing Aids (M4/T4).
  • Extra loud ringtones and audio boost for receiver.
  • SOS Button to contact loved ones and provide location.

Communication with loved ones is vital, especially when they’re living with dementia, but there can be issues operating modern mobile phones. Text and buttons are too small, the phone isn’t loud enough and a crowded and complex menu makes it a real challenge. The Swissvoice has been designed with these issues in mind, with a stripped back interface, larger text and keyboards, and extra loud ringer and receivers.

The base station is capable of charging and making audio and video calls handsfree. For people struggling with forgetfulness, having the phone base in an obvious place could help a loved one find their phone when they need it. There’s even an SOS button that can alert up to 5 preset contacts, sharing geolocation and calling loved ones when they’re needed. The Swissvoice C50s is a modern phone designed with older people in mind, and all of its features are to make life easier and calls about the conversation.

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  • Batteries : 1 Lithium ion batteries required (included)
  • Package Dimensions : 19.6 x 13.1 x 12.7 cm; 1 Kilogram


Instructions For Use

  1. Connect the power adapter and the socket by sliding them together. One end of the power adapter is a USB connector.
  2. Connect the USB to the base and plug the other end into the nearest power socket.
  3. Slide the SIM into the labelled COMPARTMENT on the back of the handset.
  4. Place the battery into the back of the handset.
  5. Place the back cover over the back of the handset and push down firmly.
  6. Hold down the power button on the side of the handset for 3 seconds to turn the device on.
  7. Follow the on screen instructions to finish setting up your phone.


What’s In The Box?

  • C50s Smartphone
  • Smartbase
  • Adaptor with USB cable
  • Quick user guide
  • Battery Battery Cover
  • Earphones



Nice smartphone for seniors. Quick dialling via direct dialling is practical, which can be set up with images and the emergency call function. 

Perfectly respect all expectations created. Easy to use, screen and sounds adaptable to the elderly, etc…