High Contrast Day-Date Wall Clock




A large, clear wall clock ideal for people living with dementia. The traditional style, uncluttered display and contrasting colours make this timepiece a great gift for anyone who needs a bit of support reading clock faces.

Key Features:

  • Extra large display for those who experience difficulty reading traditional clock faces.
  • Displays day and date in a highly visible digital format.
  • High contrast colouring ideal for those with sight limitations too.

Many people living with dementia have difficulty keeping track of time due symptoms such as disrupted sleep, disorientation and a difficulty reading clock faces. Providing a clock with a large, clear display such as this makes it easier for them to check the time and orient themselves when needed. The Large Wall Clock also displays the day, date and time so that tall the information they need is in the same place. Not being able to remember what time or day it is can be very distressing, and it is important that people living with dementia are given the tools to independently orient themselves as much as they are able. This High-Contrast Clock is one way of providing a more accessible clock to people experiencing a decline in their eyesight and cognition.



  • Dimensions: 30x30x4cm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Uses 1 x AA and 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied)



Husband and I keep forgetting day of week and date – OK with time! Glancing at this clock from time to time reminds us! Easy to read and not too obtrusive.

Great product, easy to view, very clear.