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We’re advertising on the radio! Listen to our moving ads and find out the back story behind providing life-changing dementia products

We’re keen to get the message out about the power of products to help those affected by dementia, which is why in the last week, we’ve started advertising on the radio.

The adverts are playing on Smooth Radio London and they’re designed to grab the listener’s attention with the kind of challenges that someone with dementia and their carer might face in day-to-day life.

Listen to the advert or read the transcript below. If you want to find out more about our range of day clocks to help those affected by dementia, click here.

You’re driving…to dads.
You wonder how he’ll be.
You hit traffic.
You park up and knock.
The door opens.
‘Sorry I’m late Dad’ you say.
He doesn’t know what day it is, let alone the time.
He says ‘not today thanks’ and shuts the door.
You buy him a day clock to stop him getting confused.  
He keeps his sense of time.
You keep your sense of humour.  
You’re dealing with dementia.

One of many life-changing products…at Unforgettable

We provide products to help people with dementia do the things we take for granted.  
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