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A study has found it can help to reduce cognitive decline, and the same goes for fish fingers, salmon or fishcakes…

People who tuck into fish at least once a week are reducing their risk of dementia, claims new research carried out at Rush University in Chicago.

A study of almost 1,000 people in their 80s found those who included tuna sandwiches, fish sticks, fish cakes and fish sandwiches; fresh fish as a main dish; and shrimp, lobster and crab in their diet had less age-related memory loss and thinking problems than those who didn’t eat it once a week.

Researchers looked at people with an average age of 81, and asked them to record their food habits over the space of five years, as well as doing regular cognitive tests with them.

It’s thought the benefits stem from the omega-3 fatty acids present in fish, and which are also a major structural component in the brain. Some of the best fish to boost omega-3 levels are salmon and fresh tuna, but most fish contain a small amount.

Salmon is also a great memory-boosting fish.The study discovered that people who ate more seafood had reduced rates of decline in the semantic memory, which is memory for verbal information.

They also had slower rates of decline in a test of perceptual speed, or the ability to quickly compare letters, objects and patterns.

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk