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We continue to be amazed and delighted by the care and compassion members of our new support group are showing each other. Whether you’re newly diagnosed with dementia, have been caring for a loved one for a long time, or are worried about a friend or neighbour, The Unforgettable Dementia Support Group could be just what you’re looking for.

There’s no doubt many of you are dealing with huge stress, but you still find the time to support each other. This week, several members living with early onset dementia talked openly about receiving their diagnosis. When one person, newly diagnosed, admitted she was feeling very low, dozens of people stepped forward offering not only sympathy, but help and hope.

One family carer had this to say to our community which now has nearly 900 members: ‘To all those newly diagnosed… I know it’s a very daunting place to be, but every journey is different. Do as much as you can, try to enjoy life. My mum is seven years on from diagnosis, and on the whole still doing amazingly well.’

There’s been a wide range of discussions this week too. Family carers have shared tips on everything from Lasting Power of Attorney and the best ways to celebrate birthdays, to dealing with boredom, hoarding, incontinence and the pros and cons of buying a fish tank! Many fish tank owners believe they provide great therapeutic benefits…

One of our favourite tips this week was this: ‘When you have a party, take lots of photos and turn them into a photo book with a picture on the front of the day itself, so they can enjoy the memories and reinforce them. I did this for my mum and although she couldn’t originally remember the event, when she sees the little book with photos she loves it and talks about it without prompting.’

So if you have a tip, a question, or a dilemma you’d like to share with others on the dementia journey, just join our group. We’re sure you’ll receive a very warm welcome.

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