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Middlesbrough is the latest town to set up car park spaces designed for people with dementia.

While driving with dementia can be a grey area – you don’t have to give your license up straight away after a diagnosis, but you do need to let the DVLA know and keep an eye on a deterioration in driving abilities – some help and support is being created in the form of dementia-friendly car parking spaces.

Earlier this year, Plymouth City Council became the first of its kind to set up dementia accessible parking spaces, and now Middlesbrough has followed suit.

After a consultation event with carers and people living with dementia, they’ve created two car parking spaces at their High Street shopping centre that are wider and been painted with the Forget-Me-Not flower symbol of the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friends.

The spaces in Plymouth – found in the Western Approach and Theatre Royal car parks – are on the entry level and are close to ticket machines and pedestrian exits, which makes life easier for carers.

Staff working at the car park have also receive extra training so they have a good understanding of the types of challenges that people with dementia and their carers might experience.People with dementia who drive may struggle with spatial awareness, so more accessible spaces could be of benefit. However, they are also designed to be easier for people who care for someone with dementia, who perhaps need more space to help someone with dementia get out of the car.

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