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Recognising that we have all experienced a very difficult time during the past year and a half, a group of individuals from diverse parts of the UK established ‘Thank You Day’ to enable exceptional people and those who have served others with kindness and compassion to be acknowledged.

Whether you wish to thank people who have, in seemingly small ways, made your life more manageable over the last few months, or people in the public domain who are striving to improve the environment and community support for people living with dementia, ‘Thank You Day’ is an opportunity to express your gratitude.
At Lifted we are striving to support people with disabilities to live safely and happily at home. We would like to thank all our care workers who are making this possible with their unwavering commitment and dedication and their positive approach.
There are many other people we would like to acknowledge on ‘Thank You Day’ – including:


Family Carers

Family carers provide vital support for people with dementia in their own homes relentlessly. Caring for a family member with dementia is a role that gradually evolves and changes the balance and dynamics of a relationship. Whilst most family carers embrace the responsibilities willingly, everyday life gets harder as a person’s condition develops.

“It’s an unknown future which you can’t prepare for, it’s impossible to know what lies ahead. Everyone’s dementia is different and there is no predictable pattern. You live by your wits and have to adapt to an ever-changing situation. Your whole life becomes consumed by the other person’s needs. You forget about yourself, even lose touch with who you are. Being a carer is the most difficult job I have ever had. I felt so ill-equipped and am grateful for all support.”

(Carol, who cares for her husband, Mike, with Lewy Body Dementia)

Carers everywhere deserve the utmost respect and recognition #thankyouday



Charities, not-for-profit organisations and self-help/community support organisations provide a life raft for people with dementia and family carers in a plethora of ways. Never has the third sector been more needed than now, as communities face the challenge of recovering from the impact of the pandemic.
The Alzheimer’s Society produced a report last year documenting the experiences of people living with dementia and tehri families during the early months of the pandemic. ‘Worst hit: dementia during coronavirus’ is sobering reading

#thankyouday is an opportunity to thank everyone involved in community organisations who has overcome barriers to providing services during the pandemic and worked creatively to ensure that people with dementia remain connected with their communities and support systems.


John’s story

We would like to acknowledge the stalwart efforts of those involved with John’s Campaign in 2020/21. Started in 2014 by Julia Jones and Nicci Gerrard, John’s Campaign raises awareness of the need for family members to be present alongside people with dementia during extended stays in hospital and in other settings. During the pandemic, John’s Campaign has fought for the rights of people with dementia in care homes to have family visits, arguing that a ‘care home’ should be regarded as a person’s ‘home’ and the same coronavirus guidance should apply for residents in care homes as for all people and families.

John’s Campaign believes that no person should experience enforced isolation and disconnection from the people whose support and love they depend on – a principle that has fuelled legal action against the Government and care providers who have been uncompromising in applying ‘rules’ which have had detrimental effects for many thousands of people with dementia.
Who are you saying ‘thank you’ to on #thankyouday?

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You can read more about the inspiration for ‘Thank You Day’ and the people involved here

There are lots of activities and opportunities to take part, up and down the country.

Let us know how you will be celebrating ‘Thank You Day’.