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Your relative is the person they’ve always been, with the same likes and dislikes: they are simply living with a condition that requires an adjusted approach – extra care and attention and support. there are also some things they might need some help with. Choose gifts that will provide positive opportunity for engagement and dialogue, using words (if appropriate) but more importantly, using eye contact, gestures and touch. Christmas is a time to engender warmth and comfort and those ‘in the moment’ experiences of enjoyment and connection. 

Lifted has a selection of resources and products designed with people with dementia in mind. Here are some suggestions of suitable Christmas gifts: 


People with dementia often struggle with time and can become overly concerned about knowing the time. Reading clock faces is frequently a challenge and confusion about day and night is also very common. 

Lifted has a range of clocks available to purchase, designed to be clear and easy to see, including reminder clocks and clocks that have adaptable displays and can be personalised. 

Relish Radio

We all know how great it feels when we hear our favourite Christmas songs, and for people living with dementia music has a powerful influence. Favourite songs have often been found to unlock old memories and emotions even at the later stages of a person’s journey. The Relish Radio has been specifically designed for people living with dementia. It makes a great gift!

The Relish Radio blends a retro-nostalgic look with a contemporary modern finish. With clearly visible, easy to use controls, this radio is suitable for the whole family and will provide a helpful focus for interaction at Christmas and any time of year. 

Relish Jigsaw Puzzles 

These jigsaw puzzles have been specially designed to be fun, easy to see and not too challenging. They make a great activity for lifting mood. The pictures have been selected to stimulate conversation and a sense of nostalgia. The pieces are made of a durable, wipe-clean plastic and each set comes with a frame box to help you get started. 

We all love doing activities together at Christmas, but for people living with dementia it can sometimes feel hard to keep up. Relish Jigsaw Puzzles create a fun experience for everyone to enjoy with colourful, memory inspiring pictures.

Companion Pets

We are a nation of animal lovers and pets provide great therapy for people with dementia. However, it isn’t always practicable to have a real live dog or cat in the house. Companion Pets are a wonderful alternative for people living with dementia providing comfort and enjoyment with no risks. Companion Pets are designed to be true to life: they have soft strokable fur and make animal sounds and animated movements. Proven to ease agitation and have a calming effect, Companion Pets are a talking point and provide a focus for meaningful family interaction. 

Choose from:

 Golden Pup 

Black & White Cat

Orange Tabby Cat


Relish has produced a series of themed packs of aquapaints, offering a sensory activity for a person with more advanced dementia. Using only water, this painting activity enables a person to create colourful images, prompting a sense of satisfaction and achievement. This product is cleverly designed so that when the aquapaint sheet dries out, the image disappears, which means the activity can be repeated, again and again. 

We hope this article has given you the inspiration you need, and that you can find the perfect gift for your relative or friend. You can visit our Lifted shop here:   https://www.liftedcare.com/shop/