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With Mother’s Day only a couple of weeks away, why not take inspiration from our Top 10 best-selling gifts.

10. Shining Star Cube with Soothing Sounds £14.99

Desperate for a good night’s sleep? Many people with dementia have a hard time relaxing and sleeping soundly, which could be why this fabulous little gadget (which turns the ceiling into a night time sky and also includes a range of soothing sounds), shot straight into our top 10. ‘Bought this for someone who’s bedbound and it’s ideal, very useful,’ George told us. ‘Mum won’t go to bed without it now,’ another family carer explained. ‘It’s great as she can see the stars and has something to focus on.’

09. Companion Puppy or Kitten £24.00

What’s not to love? These cute dogs and cats (there are several breeds to choose from so take your pick) are cruising nicely at No 9, going down particularly well with former dog and cat owners. ‘I bought this for Mum who’s in the later stages of dementia and she loves it,’ Annie told us about the companion Labrador. Cat lovers are equally entranced by our feline friends. ‘The kitten makes Mum feel calmer, she puts it on her lap and strokes it, a family carer told us. They’re a hit in care homes too. ‘Our residents love the puppy so much that two of our ladies who are animal lovers fight over it,’ a professional carer explained. ‘So I’ve just bought a companion kitten to go with it today!’

08. In the Garden – Scentscape £24.99 with VAT relief

This lovely multisensory activity is designed to stimulate memories of afternoons spent in the garden, the pack contains CDs, scents, soundscapes and beautiful visuals. It also offers excellent value for money, rightfully earning its place at No 8 in the bestseller chart.

07. Aquapaint Painting with Water £12.49 with VAT relief: Now Out Of Stock

It’s easy to see why this special art activity has sailed in at No 7. One of Unforgettable’s ‘no fault’ products (which means it’s so simple to use you can’t go wrong) aquapainting is an ingenious way to help the person you love to pursue a creative hobby without also creating a huge mess for you to clear up. No wonder it’s such a hit.

06. Cheryl Non- slip bed socks £5: Now Out Of Stock

A fall can have a catastrophic effect on a person with dementia. If a loved one keeps forgetting to wear slippers, or gets up a lot during the night, these £5 socks could help to prevent a serious accident. Frankly, we aren’t surprised they’ve soared up the chart to No 6.

05. Button and Beads Fiddle Muff for Sensory Therapy £24.99 with VAT relief

Fiddle muffs are a great way to ease stress, restlessness or boredom, and this one has earned its place in our top five best- selling gifts because it has so many textures and colours and is extremely hardwearing. ‘I use this with a sensory group at a day centre,’ a professional carer told us, ‘I’m very pleased with the quality – it hasn’t come apart despite a lot of use!’

04. Talking Photo Album – Memories Brought to Life £41.95

Photo albums can become a massive source of pleasure on the dementia journey and this one is rather special because you can record your own commentary to go with each photo. A truly personalised gift which has quickly risen to No 4 in the bestseller chart. It’s also highly versatile and can be used to record reminder messages too, such as ‘don’t forget to take your pills.’

03. Personalised Dementia Jigsaw £29.99 with VAT relief

Jigsaw puzzles can be very enjoyable for someone with dementia, they’ve also been proven to have a calming, therapeutic effect, helping to ease restlessness and agitation and whilst Unforgettable has lots to fabulous puzzles to choose from, many people have been particularly captivated by the idea of creating their very own puzzle, using a family photo or any personal image. ‘Mum loves it, she can recognise the picture on it which helps her construct the puzzle and the quality is stunning,’Megan told us. ‘I have already recommended it to others.’ Maybe that’s why this unique gift is already sitting pretty at No 3 in the chart.

Please note this jigsaw is handmade so make sure you get it in time for the special day. Order deadline for Mother’s Day is March 11th. For our other best-selling jigsaw puzzles, click here.

02. Call to Mind Conversation Game £37.99

Nothing beats a good chat with the person you love, but if conversation begins to run dry this fabulous board game could help get it back on track. Call to Mind is one of those gifts that offers as much to the person who’s giving it, as it does to the recipient. Listening to loved ones re-telling favourite stories and sharing family memories is so precious that we knew this would be in big demand. We were right, it’s now our second most popular gift.

01. Simple Music Player £83.32 with VAT relief

Music can bring enormous pleasure to anyone living with dementia, but finding a way to play it can become tricky especially if they live alone or you aren’t always around to help. The Simple Music Player is attractively designed, very simple to operate (just lift the lid and the music plays) and can be preloaded with hundreds of favourite tracks, bringing hours of music and happiness to the person you love ‘The music player has made a real difference to my father’s quality of life,’ Lee said. ‘He can now access his favourite music easily and is independent for a little longer.’ ‘I can’t express how this has changed the atmosphere in our house to one of happiness,’ Joanna told us. Wow. Maybe that’s why the Simple Music Player is simply the best Unforgettable gift.

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