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A recent survey also found 79% of residents and relatives of those in care homes rated care and support with top marks, but only half of care home users felt activities were any good.

It’s pleasing to hear that a survey carried out by carehome.co.uk, a care home reviews website, has found eight out of 10 residents and their relatives would rate their care home as “excellent” when it came to providing dignity and good staff.

Many care homes also scored well on care and support and management, with 79% and 76% of people scoring them “excellent”. Scores for care food and drink were less inspiring, with on 64% of people giving them top marks.

However, when it came to keeping residents stimulated, many care homes have some work to do, as only 52% of survey participants scored the homes as “excellent” and 10% said they were “very poor”, “poor” or “satisfactory”.

Now carehome.co.uk are urging care homes to look at their activities schedules to ensure they are doing everything possible to keep their residents stimulated and happy.

‘It is so reassuring to see that a high number of reviews are receiving the top rating for dignity and care and support,’ says Davina Ludlow, director of carehome.co.uk. ‘There are so many care homes out there that provide such good care to all their residents and these reviews prove this.

‘It is, however, vital that care homes ensure residents are also stimulated and take part in meaningful activities…In many care homes, activities are an integral part of a resident’s care plan and dedicated activity coordinators are becoming increasingly important. However, we would like to see more care homes in the UK prioritising activities and improving their current programmes so that even more homes can be rated top in this category.’

According to the National Activities Providers Association (NAPA), care homes that provide regular activities for their residents reduce the chances of residents having a fall, losing their independence or getting depression.

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Source: carehome.co.uk