Welcome to my blog! This week I’m talking about people and products that are inspiring me.

Founding a social business is no easy task and I’ve always tried to be honest about the sleepless nights and moments of despondency. But I’m pleased to say that, after a hectic couple of weeks, I’m beginning to feel quietly confident. Why? Well more people than ever are using our site, product sales have doubled in one month, and we’re receiving great customer feedback.

We’re now looking at ways to expand internationally so that we can reach even more people and really make a difference. No wonder I’m feeling positive!

Here’s a few more highlights from the last two weeks:

Spreading the word about Unforgettable

The team’s hard work is really beginning to pay off, and our message – that it’s possible to cope better with dementia – is reaching more and more people.  For example

• Carers UK, one of our charity partners, has done us proud with a brilliant five page article about Unforgettable in this month’s issue of its magazine. The magazine goes out to thousands of carers and carer groups nationwide. I can’t wait to see it.

• I’m receiving more invitations to speak publicly. This month I’m giving two corporate talks to Centrica and Lilly UK. I’m looking forward to sharing my passion, but I have to admit I’m a bit nervous as well. I’m also going to be talking to carers at a care organisation called HomeTouch and I’m working closely with another pro-active home care agency called SuperCarers.

• It’s great to see the professional care market taking so much interest in our work. Four Seasons Health Care – the largest dementia care home group in the country – is also working with us and we’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline.

Inspiring people

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to meet so many fascinating people. For example, last week I really enjoyed meeting Ben Allen the founder of Oomph. He’s one of the most impressive people working in the dementia sector and has an amazing social business that seems to be performing really well. We both share the dream of creating a ‘dementia hub’ so that all dementia businesses are working together, sharing the same energy.

I’m also very excited to be working with Tim Ashton, founder of Antidote one of the most creative UK agencies around – on our advertising and marketing campaign – his creativity and energy astounds me.

Innovative products

Loads of new products have come onto the site in the last two weeks. I’m delighted to be working with Rompa, a large provider of activities for older adults. With their help, we’re now well on our way to having the world’s best range of dementia-specific activity products.
But we’re also very keen to push new innovative products and with this in mind, we’re working closely with Natalie Price at Proximity. She has developed a prototype product which offers a revolutionary way of keeping your loved one safe when they’re out and about. It will be a lot cheaper than other products on the market and we’ll be selling it exclusively. Intrigued? Watch this space.

And finally…

I’ve just finished working on our first set of product videos for the site. Luckily I had a lot of help from our dementia nurse Daphne Simpson. The videos explain in detail what the products can do, and what challenges they might address. In our first video we compare and contrast the three leading day clocks to help customers work out which one will suit them best. They should be up on the site in the next week or two…Hopefully we’ll become a YouTube sensation!

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