In our new combined business, Live Better With, I shall be continuing in my role as Caregiver-in-Chief, supporting our community with advice articles, blogs and policy updates and representing the company at the Dementia Action Alliance, networking events, forums and conferences.

Partnerships will be key to our success: in this context, I shall be reaching out organisations with similar values and goals, working collaboratively to achieve our mission to improve the quality of life for all people living with dementia and their families worldwide.

Learning from the lived experience of people with dementia and their families will remain at the core of our work at ‘Live Better With’, just as it was at ‘Unforgettable’, building on the founders’ stories and capturing the insights and reflections of those who are travelling their own journeys with dementia.

I’ve written previously about my own father who has been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment and, what has been described as, an ‘emerging dementia’. I have also documented my experiences in past times of my father-in-law’s vascular dementia and the poor treatment he and our family received in the mid-1980s; and my mother-in-law’s Alzheimer’s journey some 12 years later, which was a better experience, but still lacking in terms of the services available, in so many ways.

Progress in the dementia field in the last 10 years – since the publication of the first dementia strategy in 2009 – has been significant. Public awareness is widespread and investment in services and research has brought about many improvements in the help that is available and offered hope of effective treatments and a cure. Our understanding of the complexity of dementia and the different underlying diseases is much improved and coverage in the media is an everyday occurrence.

At Live Better With we intend to build on the foundations created by James Ashwell and the Unforgettable team and continue to spread the word about the benefits of products and services for people living with dementia and their families. We will continue to support the dementia community, via the Facebook support group and in other ways, and we will underpin our business growth with innovation and new product development, gathering insights from the experts: those living with dementia and their carers.

I am looking forward to the exciting future that lies ahead. Live Better With offers products and services across a multitude of conditions, which will enable cross fertilisation of ideas and experiences, and the generation of a rich base of knowledge and information.

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