From curry to dementia clubs, hair care to chromosomes, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of Unforgettable over the past week.

What’s the key ingredient in curry that can help with brain health?

New research claims eating a curry once a week could help ward off dementia, but is that really the case?

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Francesca’s dementia story: ‘Dad still has a very good quality of life’

Francesca Cawood talks about her dad, Peter, 68, who has lived with vascular dementia for three years.

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Good hair day: how hair care can benefit people with dementia

A study has highlighted how important hairdressing and styling is for people with dementia as part of their care plan.

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Big rise in applications to set up Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

The number of people setting up ‘living wills’ or LPA documents has risen to half a million in the last year.

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Review: My Family: Not The Sitcom – Humour is the way to fight dementia

Vlogger Virginia Bailey reviews the latest stand-up show from comedian David Baddiel which finds humour in his family, including his father who is living with frontotemporal dementia (sometimes known as Pick’s disease).

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Lambeth Healthy Living Club – every town should have a club like this

Kate Corr visits an innovative dementia-led social club in London which improves the lives of everyone who attend – whether they have dementia or not.

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Simple test to check for loss of Y chromosome can show dementia risk

A blood test that can identify whether men have lost genetic material in later life can also provide warning for dementia and cancer risk

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ReminiScent – one year on

With the Alzheimer’s Show on 10th June marking the first anniversary of ReminiScent and the launch of Smell & Connect Cards, founder Linda Harman looks back on how far they’ve come.

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