From the power of art galleries for dementia to our first industry award, we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of dementia news on Unforgettable over the past week.

Research considers how a new pain relief drug could affect Alzheimer’s

A drug used to treat neuropathic pain may also be effective in ‘reversing’ symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Find out more about this here.

Songaminute Man & son win Pride of Britain Award

Simon and Ted McDermott received a Special Recognition Award at the Daily Mirror awards show last night for the work they’ve done to highlight dementia and raise money for charity.

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Picture this: The impact of art and galleries for dementia

Interacting with art and visiting galleries can be an extremely beneficial activity for people with dementia and memory loss.

Click here to find out how and why this is…

Shoplifting and dementia: Excuse me, have you paid for those?

If a person with dementia walks out of a shop without paying it’s rarely a deliberate act. Click here to find out what you can do to prevent it happening – or to make it a little less embarrassing.

Unforgettable wins at the National Dementia Care Awards

We were thrilled to receive the award for Outstanding Dementia Care Innovation at the ceremony in Brighton yesterday evening.

Find out more about the event here.

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