The charity supports older people across the UK living with dementia, depression and loneliness by engaging them in social activities and helping them to recall memories of watching or playing sport

Sport is a powerful medium for many people, providing memories of great games, sporting legends and marvelous victories, but also the friendships made and the sense of community that playing or watching sports brings. Talking about sporting events and cultures of the time helps to give people their identity back and reconnect them to the people and generations around them.

This is the ethos of the Sporting Memories Foundation and Network, and Unforgettable is pleased to announce that they have become a charity partner. They believe that by sharing memories of sporting moments and tapping into a passion for sport they can help people to connect with others and with their past, reawakening positive thoughts and feelings that otherwise remain hidden away.

Their work aims to challenge stereotypical views of ageing and mental health issues, to reduce stigma around issues like dementia and depression and to help reduce loneliness and enable older people to live well.

The money raised from the Foundation goes towards recruiting, training, managing and supporting volunteers working on Sporting Memories projects in the UK.

For more information, visit their website,

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